Axle’s Signup component allows clients to sign up their end customers for flexibility markets, including those that require smart meter access.

It can be flexibly configured to handle different:

  • asset connections
  • market requirements
  • levels of whitelabeling

We collect and manage the consents by the Energy System Operator (ESO), Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), and the Data Communications Company (DCC), who administer access to smart meter data in the UK.

How would I use this?

Our customers use the Signup component in two main ways:

Managed Service

Axle provides a ready-to-go webpage which can be email to end customers, including background on the flex program, terms and conditions, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Once signed up, we communicate to you the participation of a particular customer and, if necessary, obtain access to the asset.

Whitelabeled Embed

Axle provides an unbranded embed that can be incorporated into a page or app. Our brand is hidden, and we do not communicate with the customer. The embed can be preloaded with existing information about the customer, such as their name, email, and address.


It’s simple to get started with the Signup Component.


Configure your embed

Specify which market you’re interested in, and what data you’d like to collect.


Embed it in your site or app

Use an iframe to embed the component in your branded experience.


Send it to eligible customers

We’ll collect consents and let you know who has signed up.