Estimating available flex

For each time period, we build a forecast of how much flexibility we will be able to bid into each market. We do this by forecasting the availability of each asset, and aggregating to obtain a probabilistic forecast for each pool.


In order to do this, it’s essential that you provide high quality information on asset availability. If you’re unable to do this, our forecasts of availability will be highly uncertain, which will prevent us extracting maximum value from the flexibility that your portfolio might offer.

Updating flex for an asset

When you created your first asset, you received an asset_id in the resposne.

You can use this asset_id to provide updates on asset availability via the update asset endpoint. This takes:

  • an array of timepoints to which the report pertains
  • an array of kw available flex for those timepoints
  • an array of kwh available capacity for those timepoints

Obtaining flex forecasts

You can retrieve the forecasted flex for a pool of assets using the pool availability endpoint.