A market is a specific type of product (e.g. frequency response) within a specific geography (e.g. NL).

Each market has a set of participation requirements and reimbursement schemes. Requirements are defined both at the pool and asset level.

We associate each market with a list of eligible assets. These are assets that could be registered to participate in the market, if so desired.


Markets sit within specific geographies. Different geographies may procure similar products (e.g. frequency response) under different names.


An asset is a source of flexible load such as an electric vehicle, HVAC system, or battery. When you register an asset you need to supply a webhook that we can call if the asset is called upon by the market.



Registering eligible assets

All eligible assets for a particular market are added to a “virtual pool” for that market. If desired, they can then be registered to that market.

This pool of eligible assets correspond to assets that meet the prequalification criteria for that market.

Forecasting pool availability

Distributed energy assets have unpredictable availability over time. axle forecasts the availability of each asset based upon the data you provide, and combines them to a market-level availability forecast. Alternatively, if you have an availability forecast that you are confident in, you can supply this.

Placing bids

Based upon the availability forecast for each market, we compute the optimal bidding strategy for each assets taking into account all the markets in which that asset participates.


If an asset is activated, we will call the supplied webhook in order to turn the asset up or down by the specified amount. We will then await confirmation that the action has been taken.